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Want to create the ultimate movie night? First step is the popcorn. You may ask why popcorn. But think about it… Have you ever gone to the movie theaters without the aroma of butter popcorn floating through the air?

We have two different style popcorn machines you can choose from. We have a popcorn machine with a cart as seen above. We also offer a counter top popcorn machine. Don’t forget the popcorn EZ packs and the classic striped popcorn boxes when placing your order.
Next on the list is the TV. If you have a large flat screen TV at home, you’re all set. However if you want to go bigger, you can rent a screen to maximize your viewing.


We offer a 70″ x 70″ pull up screen.
If you’re using a screen you ‘re going to need a projector. Make sure you get a LCD projector for the clearest of images!

We offer a 4,000 Lumens LCD Projector with all of the appropriate cables to connect it to your laptop.
Now all you need is your friends and a good movie!