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Last year we had the pleasure of working with Tom Kielbana on the epic return of the Kielbasa Festival. This year’s festival was even bigger and better!


This year we supplied the Kielbasa Festival with a 60×100 and a 60×120 century tent. If you were looking for history on the Kielbasa Festival, to buy some Kielbasa Festival attire or to refresh your drink, the 60×100 tent was the place to be. If you were looking for an awesome band or to dance the night away, you needed to head over to the 60×120!


We installed a large stage in the 60×120 tent. The style music was constantly changing throughout the day, from polka, rock, country dance, you could find it all.


We also provided the Kielbasa Festival with another stage with a bandshell over it. Here people could enjoy the fresh air while watching their favorite band!


There’s rumors that next year’s Kielbasa Festival is going to be even bigger and even better then the 2015 festival. We’re excited and cant wait to report about it!