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Nights are brisk and days are cool. But that’s no reason to cancel any outdoor party! However, it’s the perfect reason to rent a tent and tent heater! Put the heater in the back of the tent and you wont even know it’s there!

Heated tent rentals in MA

Heated tents are also perfect for people who have small houses but wants to be the host of a gathering. Just by adding a 20×20 tent to your yard will allow you to sit another 40 guest! (and that’s with tables and chairs too!) Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings and any other event!

heated tent rentals in MA

Having a huge party? We have numerous tent heaters to warm the largest of large tents! Still not convinced? We have tent heaters that can raise the temperature in the tent anywhere from a few degrees to 80 degrees! Call today to reserve yours! Be sure to check out our webpage for prices and sizes or just call out office 413-589-7368.