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If you haven’t start planning your holiday party as of yet, let us help! 

4 Weeks Before the Party:

1. Work up an invitation list.
2. Decide on the theme. 
3. Send out invitations.
4. Plan the menu and come up with a specialty drink.
5. Coordinate vendors if needed such as a caterer, bartender, and/or rentals.

Two Weeks Before:

1. Give us a call if you haven’t done so yet.  You may need to rent china, glassware, flatware, tables, chairs, and linen. Even if you own enough china, glassware and flatware, it may be easier to rent as we’ll take care of the dishes for you! 
2. Create music playlist.
3. Prepare any food that you can freeze and stock up on nonperishable items such as crackers and mixed nuts. 

One Week Before:

1. Clean your house thoroughly.
2. Confirm counts and delivery times with all vendors including us. 
3. Stock the bar. Get a variety of wine, beer and champagne. Don’t forget about bottled water and canned soda for the nondrinkers or anyone underage.

3 Days Before:

1. Decorate the house.
2. Make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand in case of an accident.
3. If it’s cold, make sure you add a coat rack onto your rental order so that guests have somewhere to put them.
4. Finish grocery shopping. Make a detailed list before going to the store so you do not forget anything. Don’t forget to make sure you have other items on stock such as paper towel, toilet paper and to-go containers if needed. 

One Day Before:

1. Set up tables, chairs, and rearrange furniture.
2. Finish as much cooking as possible.
3. Do a once over clean up and put anything away that you do not want people to see.

Day of Party:

1. Finish cooking.
2. Finalize chair arrangement and any seating you could not do the day before.
3. 1/2 hour before guests arrive, place any food out that will not spoil out.
4. Greet your guests and get out of the kitchen!

Some final tips:
1. Don’t forget the ice.
2. Be as organized and prepared as possible so you are free to mingle. 
3. Have a glass of wine and enjoy the party! 

Click here for a downloadable check list for your party!