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“Plan for the worst, hope for the best” is a motto we live by.  With the ever changing weather in New England, rain is always an option so we encourage you to plan for it.  Here are a few simple ways to make sure that it “Doesn’t rain on your parade”! 

Choose Your Location Wisely

Location of both your ceremony and reception is critical. Survey your property and find a level area as rain does flow. Try to find an area that isn’t in a low part of your property as that will flood first.  

If you’re not familiar with the property, do your research. You can review local records to confirm that the area you choose is not in a flood zone or that it’s not prone to flooding. 

Also keep in mind, when dirt gets wet, it turns into mud… so try to avoid areas with more dirt than grass. 

Rent A Tent

If you don’t want to have your reception or ceremony under a tent unless it’s absolutely necessary, we recommend that you put a tent on a rain hold. When you have a tent on a rain hold, you have up until noon the day before delivery to let us know your final decision. 

Offer Easy Cleanup

If you get caught in a rain storm on your way home, you dry yourself off the second you walk in the door so why don’t you offer something for your guests to dry off with. You can create a cleanup station with dry towels. You can even purchase towels to match the décor and display them in neat designs. 

Stock the bathroom with things to freshen up such as moistened towelettes or baby wipes. Those will help with any mud splatter or running makeup.  

Dry Shoes for Wet Feet

Don’t make your guests spend the duration of your reception in wet shoes. If rain is in the forecast stock up in a variety of size flip flops. If you have enough notice, you can also get matching rain boots for your wedding party. They’ll make a cute photo opportunity! 


Embrace it!

They do say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck so we say, embrace it! Here are a few way to embrace the rain while still keeping with your decor.

Umbrellas: If you’re expect rain, buy a variety of umbrellas in your color scheme. (You can even use them as party favors if you want!) Seeing a sea of umbrellas will be much more pleasing to the eye if it looks uniform and intentional.

Shawls: Getting caught in the rain can lead to the chills at times. Have shawls thrown over seats or rolled up in a basket for guest to take and warm up with. 

Ponchos: These may cover up the outfit your guests have so carefully picked up but trust me, your guest would rather be dry then soaking wet. If planned ahead of time, you can have ponchos pre-printed and passed out as part of the wedding favors!