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If you’re a coffee fanatic, you’re going to love these creative ideas! 

Sure it’s normal and expected to serve coffee at the end of an event or wedding but what about incorporating coffee into the entire event? We personally think coffee and events are “the perfect blend”.

Our wine barrel plank bar is the perfect base for a coffee bar. Make sure you stock the “bar” with tons of coffee extras such as cinnamon, chocolate curls, flavored creamers and perhaps a little baileys! 

You can serve coffee an assortment of glasses. Mason jars give your guest a rustic feel. 

Our highball glasses are perfect for ice coffee. 


Martini glasses are a classy way to serve coffee infused cocktails. 


And lastly our glass Irish coffee mugs are the perfect addition to your desserts. You can even skewer some donut-holes for a cute finishing touch!