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Our coupe champagne glasses are the perfect sturdy glass to create a champagne tower. Follow these simple steps to create a thirst quenching masterpiece!


Step One:

You must start by creating a base. The base of the champagne tower must be large enough to accommodate all of the glasses needed (However many guest you have, but small enough to fit on a table. We recommend putting a tray down first to catch any overflowing or spillage.

Step Two:

Obviously, use coupe glasses. These glasses are shorter and wider to maximize stability.

Step Three:

Start layer the tower. Each layer should be 1 glass less wide and 1 glass less long. If your bottom layer is a 15 glasses by 15 glasses, the next layer should be 14×14, and then next 13×13, and so on. Make sure that all glasses are touching and there is a diamond shape gap in between each 4 glasses. The glasses on the next row should be layer directly above the diamond shaped gaps. Continue this process until you are left with one coupe glass on top.

Step Four:

This is the final step, pour and enjoy! Please make sure to warn guests to be  gentle and careful as taking a glass or assign someone to hand the glass out.