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Tis the season to deck the halls (and the house.) Michael’s Party Rentals is happy to announce that we are now offering professional holiday light installations. You may ask yourself, “why pay for something I can do myself.” Well we have an answer for that! 

  1. Over 15,000 people are treated in a hospital emergency room for injuries related to holiday light installations. Why risk straining your back or falling from a ladder and breaking a hip? Lets us do the dangerous work! 
  2. You’ll save money in the long run. The lights we install are professional grade and are design to last. We use energy efficient LED bulbs which will have a very minimum effect on your electric bill. Unless you’re an electrician and can fix every light that goes out, we’ll help prevent you from having to dish out money for new lights every year. 
  3. No more mess! We all dread taking the holiday lights out of storage with the fear of them being in one giant tangled ball. When you hire us to install your lights, we also remove them and pack them neatly in storage totes. After their packed away neatly, you have a choice of storing them yourself or paying a small fee for us to keep them safe until next year!

Are you sold? If so, send us an email with photos of all the sides of your house for a free estimate. Melissa@josephb40.sg-host.com