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What do your services include?

We will help you from the planning to the execution. We will gladly sit down with you and go over all of your rental needs, do a site survey, and create a custom CAD drawing personalized to your needs. Please contact one of our event coordinators and schedule a sit down meeting.

When should I book my order?

The sooner the better. For weddings and large events, we suggest 4-6 months in advance. Most small jobs are sufficient with a one month’s notice. However based on availability we are always willing to accommodate all jobs.

Do you charge for delivery and what does the fee cover?

We do charge a delivery fee to all orders. The delivery fee varies from town to town and in some cases, how many trips it takes for our trucks to finish the job. The delivery fee you see on the order includes both the drop off and pick up.

Is there an additional charge for the setup of the tent?

Setups of all of our tents besides the DIY tents are included in all of our prices. However you must still pay for the delivery.

Do I need to be present for set up?

As long as we have a signed contract and the job is paid in full, you do not have to be present. We will need you to leave us all phone numbers where you can be reached at during the day of your installation. Please leave a detailed drawing of where you would like the tent to be located. If possible, use sticks or lawn furniture to mark out where the tent will go.

If you have a sprinkler system, septic tank, or anything in the ground on your property, we should be notified prior to installation. You may be required to be present upon install.

What happens if something breaks while in my possession?

A damage waiver is available on all orders. The damage waiver will protect you against any damage to the items while they are in your possession. However it will not cover theft or self-inflicted vandalism. If items are stolen or broken you will have to pay a replacement fee.

When Do I Have To Pay The Balance On My Order?

For all our social events a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and any balance remaining must be paid in full at the time of delivery. Corporate clients may be billed, with net 30 day terms.

Are long term rentals an option?

Yes. Please call our office for more information.

What size tent do I need for my event?

Please see the chart below. If you are still not sure what size tent you might need, set up an appointment with our event coordinator to draw up a personalized CAD drawing for your event.

Wedding Tent Sizes
Tent # Of People Tent # Of People
Century Tents Frame Tents
20X20 20 20X20 20
20X30 30 20X30 30
20X40 40 20X40 40
30X30 45 20X50 50
30X45 65 20X60 60
30X60 90    
30X75 110 Navi-Trac Frame
30X90 135 30X30 45
40X40 80 30X40 60
40X60 120 30X45 65
40X80 160 30X55 80
40X100 200 30X60 90
40X120 240 30X70 105
60X60 180    
60X70 210    
60X90 270    
60X100 300    
60X120 360    
*Estimates room only for tables and chairs
*Tables are 5′ rounds with 8 guests per table
*Exceptions: 15×15 and 14×14

Tent with just tables and chairs

Tent Tables Chairs Tent Tables Chairs
10X10 1 10 30X75 22 176
14X14 2 16 40X40 16 128
15X15 3 24 40X60 24 192
12X24 3 24 40X80 32 256
20X20 4 32 40X100 40 320
20X30 6 48 40X120 48 384
20X40 8 64 60X60 36 288
30X30 9 72 60X80 48 348
30X45 13 104 60X100 60 480
30X60 18 144      


Do I need to pull a permit for the tent?

Massachusetts’ State Law requires that all tents 20’ x 40’ or larger needs a permit. Permit fees vary for each town. You may apply for them yourself or have us pull them for you. Some additional fees may be applied if we pull them for you. Please contact your town’s building department for permit fee and application forms. Some exception may apply.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If order is cancelled 30+ days prior to the event date, a cancellation fee of 10% of the total contracted amount will apply. If order is cancelled less than 30 days of the event date, a cancellation fee of 40% of the contracted amount will apply.

Can I reserve a tent just for a rain option and not use it if it’s sunny?

Yes. However the tent must be on your order. If you don’t use the tent, we will only charge you 50% of its normal rental rate. We must be notified at least 24 hours in advance it the tent is needed or not.

Do I have to wash the food machines, dishes, and linen I rented before I return them to you?

You are not responsible for cleaning any of the food machines, flatware, china, glassware, or linen you rented from us. However we do request that plates and linens do not have any large chunks of food still on them and that the items are returned within 3 days of the date of use.

My event is on a Saturday or Sunday, when would you set up the tent?

We will try our hardest to accommodate all setup requests. Our normal delivery dates are Monday- Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am- 2:00pm. Any deliveries that are out of this time frame may have an additional delivery fee.

Is there a minimum size order?

There is no order too small. If you need 4 chairs and a table for your dinner party, we are more than happy to supply you with those. However we do request a $100 minimum for deliveries.

How far are you willing to travel for jobs?

The vast majority of our rentals are based out of Western MA and Northern CT. However we service all of New England and are willing to travel further depending on the job. Please contact our office with inquires based on travel.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, corporate and personal checks, money orders, and cash.