Chiavari Chairs

Posted on: August 18th, 2017

Looking for a fancier chair than a folding chair for your next event? Chaivari chairs can jazz up any tablescape from a wedding to a Thanksgiving dinner! 

Chaivari Chair Rental Western Mass Chaivari Chair Rental Western Mass (more…)

Why Rent A Tent?

Posted on: August 16th, 2017

Tented wedding Suffield CT

Have you ever been to an event or party under a tent? If not, there’s a first time for everything. There are many pros to hosting a tented event. Below is a list of just few of the many reason why your next gathering should take place under one of our gorgeous tents! (more…)

Tented Wedding at Barney Estate in Forest Park

Posted on: July 28th, 2017

Snuggled in the center of Forest Park in Springfield is the Barney Estate. Barney Estate has a seasonally installed tent on premise that’s equipped with a beautiful tent liner and chandeliers! 

Tented Wedding at Barney Estate in Forest Park (more…)

Nobel View: a Wedding Venue with a View

Posted on: July 27th, 2017

Looking for a site to have your tented wedding? Look no further! Nobel View in Russel MA is a beautiful spot for a tented wedding. 

Wedding at Nobel View In Russel, MA Wedding at Nobel View In Russel, MA

Contact Brenda Clemons if interested in having your wedding at Nobel View! 

Wedding at Glendale Ridge Vineyard

Posted on: July 21st, 2017

It’s a known fact that we love tented weddings! But a tented wedding at a vineyard? Our hearts skip a beat just thinking about it! Here are a few shots of a wedding we did at the new Glendale Ridge Vineyard in Southampton a few weeks ago! 

Stillwater tent at Glendale Ridge Vineyard for a wedding (more…)

Perfect Summer Stillwater Wedding

Posted on: December 1st, 2016

It’s no secret that our favorite tent is our Stillwater tent but the real secret is the wedding below is one of our all time favorites!


2016 Western New England Fall Bridal Show

Posted on: December 1st, 2016

Did you attend the 2016 Western New England Fall Bridal Show? If not, don’t worry, we took plenty of photos to share! 

20161120_103747 (more…)

Summer Wedding at the Montague Retreat Center

Posted on: November 9th, 2016

One of our brides from this past Summer sent us some photos of her wedding at the Montague Retreat Center. Take a moment to drool over them!

leetaetyler0499 (more…)

Wine Barrels

Posted on: August 25th, 2016

We are beyond excited to announce the newest addition to our inventory… Wine Barrels!


Wine barrels can be used as props for your next event or have an actual purpose such as a cake stand. Below are some photos of different ways you can use wine barrels at your next event!

Golden Wedding at Tekoa Country Club

Posted on: July 13th, 2016

It’s sometimes hard to match your color scheme to the colors of the banquet venue but that’s not the case for this wedding! Our gold chiavari chairs looked absolutely stunning set up at the Tekoa Country Club’s banquet hall.


chivaris at tekoa